Funny dog memes

Every little girl wants to be a princess, so why can't this cute English bulldog be one too! If mommy tells her that, it must be true, because mommy is always right! Aww, sweet baby, you truly are a princess!
This cute Chihuahua has no boundaries! He wants to fly, and he is taking the proper measure to do that. And take us with him! OMG, is he really going to be the pilot? We'd better fasten our seatbelts! LOL!
Everybody is mocking me with my back spots, so I decided something must change. Having a bit of fun with the colors never harmed anyone. Don't I look pretty now?
What is more important in life? Being rich, having diamonds and gold? Or having a best friend, who will offer you unconditional love; that will be there for you forever when in need.
It's hard to get a decent picture these days! Your mommy wants to show the world how beautiful you are, but your brother ruins it every day! He just can't stop moving. What do you do? You show him the crazy eye look!
Your dog is anxious when he hears about a walk in the park? Well, there is no wonder! Just imagine what they see when they get there! :)) Now you can clearly see the reason!
This dog is clearly in love with car rides. He is ready for some action, because he even made a mix to entertain the atmosphere. It's going to be a long wild road trip baby! Just move your ass in the car, there's no time to explain!
It's all about the mother instinct and the sacrifices a mommy makes to protect her precious sweet baby. It doesn't matter if mommy is covered in skin, feathers or fur! It's pure love!
So good you're home, I'm so glad; I have an amazing story to tell you! It involves a couch and some awesome explosion! Yep, you're truly never going to guess what happened! Wait, what? I'm just a simple dog; I clearly could not have done this!
Hey, don't look at me like that. It's not what it looks like! I'm not pooping, all right? Or at least, it's not regular poop. I'm just using my ass to create pure art! I make 3D objects in the gr_ass! :)
Dogs are pretty smart; or at least they look like! They know all about math and calculations so it's easy to tell that it's simply not enough money to afford the cat anymore!
When you are a cute little Corgi and you chat online, trying to impress a fine sexy dog lady what do you do? It's easy; you just tell her you are an impressive PIT BULL! That will help you to finally get that hot date!
After you play all day long and you are exhausted, all you want to do is sleep. And dream about big bones, treats, walks in the park, car know, the usual. So why should you give up? Keep sleeping!
It's not easy for a dog to play all day long, eat treats, discover things and places, learn new's really ruff out there! Good thing we have this cozy leather armchair. You can relax upside down, acting goofy until you fall asleep.
It's important to get a boost in energy right in the morning. What, what, dogs drink coffee too! How are they supposed to run all day and play, bring the ball back, rub their back in the grass, run around the house...
You will not believe what this dog came up with. He just found an amazing solution not to forget your passwords, ever! You just change all your passwords to INCORRECT and there, whenever you forget it, the system tells you the (in) correct one!
It's not just a saying, it's the truth! These puppies are more than cute. Raise them right and they will become your true, loyal friends. They will love forever and ever, bringing you joy and happiness. It's time to return the love!
Just look at his face, he clearly smells something might be wrong... I'm not sure how he gets this crazy idea, but he is definitely suspicious! What if the owner is not his pet?! What if it's the other way around?! OMG! :)))
Every dog loves playing fetch, so this splendid idea comes pretty natural. Why shouldn't you invest in tennis balls? They will take care of the return rate! emoticon smile This is really great! :)
Being a Bulldog is not easy. Everybody picks on your weight, not to mention face! So the revenge is sweet! You just eat! Like, everything, including the doc! Who's fat now?!
As I was telling you, I was peacefully sitting in this cozy armchair, when all of a sudden boom, it explodes! I know, I know, I'm a dog... and all the evidences are against me, but I'm just as surprised as you! What, don't you believe me?
You are a dog and someone poops in the hallway. Damn, you're the only suspect! What do you do? What do you do?! Aha, found it! Blame some unknown dog or even person! Yea, that should help! But what about that guilty face?! :)
When you are a big fluffy dog and you want to escape from jail it might take some time! This cutie reached only 5 percent of his attempt, sticking his cute nose through those bars. Quite adorable!
When you are a cool dog and you love car rides, then you hardly wait for the week-end! You want to feel the air through your hair, tongue out, breathing and smiling... Ahh, that's life! :)
Now really, how much do I have to wait until you throw this ball? I want to play some fetch! And it sure isn't going to throw itself! So you'd better do it fast, look into my eyes, don't you love me anymore?! Let's play, let's play, let's play! :)
When you are a cute little dog and but your dream is to become a bigger one, what do you do? Now that's easy, you just stay on the top of a pair of stilts and you see the world from a whole new perspective! Sky is the limit!