A man hears strange noises coming from underground. What he finds it will shock you!

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A pregnant dog that had been buried and left to die underground was able to survive thanks to a kindhearted man who refused to ignore her cries for help!

It's not clear how she ended up there, but it seems that the city workers from the Russian town Voronezh had been called to patch a section of the sidewalk where a sinkhole had formed a couple of week earlier. 

They ended up entombing the dog in a whole under the building's front steps, in what it seems to be a cruel act of indifference!

After a few days the residents were alarmed to hear the barking sounds coming from below the freshly-laid bricks so they called the city's housing authority.

After being told that nothing can be done to help, this man took matters into his own hands and began digging!

Amazingly, the dog is alive and grateful to be saved!

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Publish Date:   2016-11-23
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