Pit bull used for fighting was found lifeless in the woods. Shocking and amazing rescue!

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Rambo the pit bull was found lifeless in the woods in South Carolina. The poor pit had his back legs amputated. So after the surgery he was treated to wagon rides so that he could enjoy the outside while healing. 

The pooch is also lucky to get a foster mom and brother to help him go through the surgeries. He gets many kisses, too!

Rambo has not recovered fully yet but he already wags his tail. Because he knows these people won't hurt him. 

The vets are doing everything they can so that Rambo can run freely without a wheelchair. 

Rambo is also treated to many toys! The frog seems to be his favorite. He has experienced so much pain that no living creature should ever be exposed to. But many people are helping him heal.

So he can finally be a happy dog he deserves to be!

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Publish Date:   2016-10-02
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