The true HEARTBREAKING story of a brave Pit Bull dog, Rudy!

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Rudy was found abandoned in a bucket in NYC and brought into animal control. SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast was asked to save him, as he needed immediate care. 

He was half dead, emaciated, hairless and covered in what we think were acid or cigarette burns. Rudy was one of the most heartbreaking cases SNARR rescue has ever had to deal with. 

Every time they would go to touch him or pet him, he would duck his head in fear. Rudy went to an amazing foster home where he was doted on by two talented veterinarians who take some of our toughest cases. It turns out that Rudy had Cushings disease as well as degenerative disc disease. He received his herbal baths and soaks daily; sometimes even with candles and soft music :) 

Rudy's disc issue slowly got worse and we got him a wheelchair. His fur grew back in and Rudy looked as handsome as ever! Recently, he began declining and lost the use of all 4 legs. His foster family made the very difficult decision to put him to sleep. 

Rudy got 8 months of love, care and spoiling. We can only hope that that 8 months helped to show him how life was supposed to be and that he was loved immensely.

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